About gilliewrenn & zaza beads

About the Artist:


Hi Friends, my name is Gillie (hard G). I am a Colorado Native, and still live in Denver with my two Chihuahuas Willie and Johnny. I have been making jewelry since I was little. My first job was even at a bead shop when I was 14, (my parents were lucky enough to have to drive me across town for work). 

I have always been drawn to all things metaphysical, which is where my interest in Crystals and Gems began. I love the meaning and history behind the use of crystals in healing- especially how they have been used throughout time, and in many different civilizations. I carefully shop for the beads I use in my jewelry to make sure that they are high quality, and of course real crystals/gemstones.  

I love helping people find stones that really speak to them, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss a custom piece! 


What are Zaza Beads???


"Zaza" is a random word I started using as a 'catch all' pet name for my dogs, and the people I love. (I know... I am a little crazy, and totally okay with that).


When I looked up the meaning behind "Zaza," I saw that it is a biblical name meaning "belonging to all". I loved this, and knew it would be a fitting name for my jewelry. While I don't subscribe to a particular religion, I believe in being a good human, and respecting all belief systems.




This is where I am going to give a small overview on what I believe are the benefits behind using crystals- I am also including a few disclaimers along the way....

I am not an expert and do not have formal training on the meanings and uses of crystals, but I have studied them for years as a personal hobby. The information included on my site, relating to the use of crystals for healing/aiding medical conditions is not a substitute for consulting a health care professional. If you have any health concerns, give your doctor a call. 

Crystal Care:


I cleanse all of my beads before creating a piece of jewelry. They are saged, blessed with Reiki, and also charged under the full moon. I recommend cleansing your crystal jewelry every few months. I have listed instructions for a few different options below.

  • Leave in a clay or glass bowl under the full moon. (Best option to ensure crystals are not damaged)

  • Place them in a dry bowl of sea salt for 24 hours. Sometimes I make a mixture of sea salt and dried sage/rose petals and leave them in there for 1-2 days.

  • Use sage smoke to smudge them, this ‘cleanses’ the energy stored in the stone. (This is the 2nd safest option if you are not familiar with different crystal's and their needs)

  • Certain crystals can be cleaned in water, but please be cautious before using this method because many can be damaged with too much contact with water.


Crystal Breakdown:


In the simplest terms, everything has a vibrational frequency- including crystals.  Each crystal has its own special properties and vibrations that interact with the human body's frequencies. They have been used for thousands of years for emotional and physical healing, and even to power technology like computers, watches, and radios.




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