Custom Zaza allows you to choose the bead in your prayer necklace. Please email me to discuss the type of crystals you would like. If you aren't sure, I am happy to help you work through your creative goals! Inventory is constantly changing, I have included pictures of many beads, but they may not always be in stock. I purchase beads by the strand, so once we discuss the type of bead, or beads you would like, I can give you an estimate on price, all of them will start at $100. 
Questions to help you choose:
1. Is there a crystal or gem that always stands out to me?
2. Are there colors that I love, or really can't stand?
3. Are there specific mental, emotional, or physical needs I would like to address in my life? (Examples may include depression, anxiety, courage, circulation, chronic pain, ability to focus, fertility, luck....etc)
4. Do I want to wear this necklace as a symbol of luck or to remind me of my goals?

Custom Zaza